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As a student, you are motivated to learn, and my role is to support you.

I have just completed my Cambridge CELTA course in Manchester and I am happy to work with Enginform students. CELTA is an approach to teaching English using engaging, meaningful contexts.

As a student, you are motivated to learn, and my role is to support you. I am professional and consistent in my approach but not to the point of formality. Language learning is not easy and the process is not smooth, so you will need encouragement and understanding. In my lessons I will offer the chance for you to experience regular, small successes.

We can practice speaking and listening. Together we will build on your ability to read and write in English. There are many teaching techniques and materials I will use to advance your learning. Lessons will be based on your goals and experience and will be as interesting and relaxed as possible.

I am a trained Occupational Therapist and have a BSc in Computing. I work with IT systems in local government. I have run training and group sessions for many years. In all of these settings, communication is the most important element. I can create a context for you to develop.

Я немного понимаю русский язык. Может быть, это поможет вам выучить английский язык тоже.

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